Esmark: A leader in the Industrial & Commodity Sectors

Esmark is a diversified, privately-held portfolio of industrial companies. Esmark's roots are in the steel industry. Over the years, Esmark has diversified its interests into a number of activities in and around the industrial and commodity sectors.

Esmark (a former publicly traded company on NASDAQ: ESMK) has focused on several key industries including oil and gas exploration, aviation, real estate, technology, and sports management. Today, Esmark's two largest business segments are steel and oil and gas production. The company has recently announced its repurchase of some of its original steel assets that followed its growth from humble beginnings to become the 4th largest American steel producer before the sale of its largest asset in 2008.

Esmark's management team has over a century of experience in executive management, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, finance, purchasing, sales, and operations. This team has set out to create a company that will once again blend the best of its respective skills and backgrounds to grow and provide a significant return to its shareholders.

Esmark's rapid rise to prominence began with its first acquisitions in 2003: East Chicago, Indiana-based Electric Coating Technologies, Inc. and Chicago Heights, Illinois-based Sun Steel, providing the company with entrees into the steel service center and converter segments of the industry. Over the course of the next four years, Esmark acquired seven other service centers, painted products, and steel distribution companies that quickly propelled the company into a leading provider of value-added steel products in the Midwest with more than $600 million in annual revenue by 2006. By that time, the company had a market base stretching from Missouri to Illinois to Ohio and more than 2,000 customers engaged in a diverse range of industries. Esmark had also built a number of strategic partnerships and joint ventures with leading steel companies from around the world to purchase, process, and distribute steel products in the U.S. Learn more about Esmark, Inc. by visiting our website at

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